Police Department

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The Charles City Police Department serves a community of approximately 7,600 residents in north central Iowa.

The Police Department is made up of 14 sworn officers who hold titles of Chief, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Investigator   and Public Safety Officer. There are seven Police Reserve Officer positions and one civilian position of Administrative Assistant. 
Department responsibilities include: 

  • prevention, detection, and investigation of crime
  • enforcement of city ordinances
  • education on crime prevention and safety issues
  • security for community events
  • investigation of public housing violations
  • welfare and security checks for businesses and individuals

The Police Department considers enforcement of the law only part of our role within the community. the officers are very involved in community activities.  


Access our Daily Police Activity Record here.

Dog License information and applications here

Parade Permits, Street Closing Requests, and Citizen Complaint Forms available here.

Register for emergency notifications!

Sign up your landline and cellular phones for emergency notifications from the Floyd County Emergency Notification System through Alert Iowa, a statewide mass notification and emergency messaging system. This free system is used by state and local authorities to quickly pass on emergency information and alerts to residents by voice, text and/or email.

 Notice: This system replaces CodeRed so if you were previously enrolled in CodeRed you will need to sign up with Alert Iowa to continue to receive emergency notifications.

Access Alert Iowa registration here: