Section 8

Who Can Apply?

Program eligibility is determined by income limits and the number of members in the household. If you have not been convicted of any serious criminal offenses and do not owe another housing agency any money, you may be eligible for assistance.

Is There a Waiting List?

Applicants are selected from the waiting list based on date and time their application was received. However, local residents may be eligible for a residency preference.

Gross Annual Income Limits
Section 8 Program
1 Person Household $25,400
2 Person Household $29,000
3 Person Household $32,650
4 Person Household $36,250
5 Person Household $39,150
6 Person Household $42,050
7 Person Household $44,950
8 Person Household $47,850

Where Can I Live?

Because you will be renting on the open market from a private landlord, it is your responsibility to find your own home. It can be either an apartment or a house. All units must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass safety inspections
  • Rent can not exceed a predetermined fair market rent
  • Follow guidelines to determine bedroom size
  • Be within the city limits of Charles City

You may possibly be assisted where you live now, as long as it meets these requirements.

Is There a Lease or Contract?

The landlord you rent from may have a lease for your to sign. You will need to follow the landlord's lease requirements. You will also sign an addendum to the lease which contains your requirements to remain on the program. The landlord must sign a contract with us that states each parties obligations to provide you with a decent and affordable place to live.

What is the Purpose of the Inspection?

The unit must pass HUD's Housing Quality Standards. The inspector will look for safety items such as tripping hazards, plumbing leaks, faulty wiring, broken windows, and operable smoke detectors. If there are children under six living in the unit, they will also inspect the unit for chipping or peeling paint. No assistance will be provided until all repairs are completed and re-inspected.

How Much Will My Rent Be?

There are many factors that determine how much rent you will be required to pay for rent and utilities. However, you will not pay more than 40% of your adjusted income at the time of lease up.

How Do I Apply?

Application can be made at the Housing Office or online at the following link: