Snow Removal


The City of Charles City provides snow and ice control in a safe and cost effective manner. A reasonable level of service for clearance of snow or ice and maintenance of the street system during the winter months is necessary for routine travel and emergency services. Find out if your mailbox is ready for the impact of winter snow plowing.

When Snow or Ice Operations Begin

The street superintendent will decide when to begin snow or ice control operations based on the following criteria:
  • The depth and time of snow accumulation along with the volume of traffic will dictate when plowing operations will begin
    • This is normally when snow accumulations reach two inches or when blowing and drifting of snow seriously affects traffic
  • Icy conditions on streets, which seriously affect traffic
  • During snow removal, parking is prohibited on Emergency Snow Routes
Snow placed in driveways by city plows is the property owner’s responsibility for removal. Snow from private driveways may not be place on or pushed across a city street.

Motorists & Safety Concerns

  • It is very helpful to the drivers of the snowplows if as many vehicles as possible are pulled off the streets. This expedites snow removal efforts by city forces.
  • Reduce your speed and drive cautiously. Remember driving on slick winter pavements is hazardous, even if they have been plowed.
  • Finally, have patience around city snowplows and all city snow removal equipment. Snow plowing is a time consuming, laborious, and stressful job. Do not follow plows too closely. During their operations they occasionally have to stop and back up. Please give the plows plenty of room to do a good job for you and everyone else.

Private Property Snow Removal

Residents and business owners are reminded that when snow is being removed from your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot, that you must ensure that it is not placed onto a city street, roadway, or a sidewalk. This practice is prohibited by city ordinance. Improper snow removal can result in complications, some of which can be hazardous.

If you or your snow removal contractors have questions regarding this issue, contact the Street Department at (641) 257-6314.

Tips for Safe Winter Travel

  • Stay informed of the weather forecast.
  • Maintain your vehicle in top condition.
  • Dress warmly and store a blanket, shovel, and flashlight in your vehicle.
  • Clear frost and snow from all windows, mirrors, and lights prior to traveling.
  • Reduce your driving speed when traveling in less than ideal weather and road conditions.
  • Allow extra travel time to get to your destination.
  • Stretch your distance between other vehicles and be extra observant of traffic in front of you.