City Administrator


Duties of the city administrator include:
  • Supervising enforcement and execution of the code of ordinances, city policies, and council directives
  • Providing general supervision and direction of the administration of the city government
  • Employing persons for positions which have been approved by the council and discharge employees except for the positions of city clerk, city attorney, city librarian and library employees
  • Obtaining such specialized and professional services deemed necessary by the council
  • Assembling the department heads’ proposed budgets
  • Assisting the council in establishing long-range goals for the city
  • Representing the city in all negotiations properly entered into in accordance with law or ordinance
  • Promote good relations with the citizens of Charles City and its civic organizations to ensure that citizens’ complaints, inquiries, and needs are given prompt attention and timely response
  • Making the following appointments
    • Fire chief
    • Foster Grandparent director
    • Housing director
    • Park and Recreation director
    • Public Safety Director
    • Police chief
    • Street superintendent
    • Wastewater superintendent
    • Water superintendent

Meet the City Administrator

Charles City’s city administrator is Steve Diers. He has been with the city since March 2014.
City administrator Steve Diers